The Energy System is now live for all players.

Starting today, all Eternal Fate players will now be under the Energy System. As this is an important change for our legacy players, I wanted to share how this decision was made.

The Energy System adds a cost of 1 Energy to enter a dungeon. Energy automatically refills at a rate of 1 Energy every 10 minutes, with an initial maximum of 10 Energy. If you die in a dungeon and wish to revive, the revive cost is now 1 Energy.

For players who wish to play more than the Energy System initially allows, we have added Energy bonuses to the VIP System. Each Rank in the VIP System increases the maximum Energy capacity by 1 or gives a free daily Energy Potion.

You can use Energy Potions to refill your Energy to full by trying to enter or reenter a dungeon when you are out of Energy. Use them daily, save them for the beginning of the Event to try to get to the higher level dungeons quickly, or save them for the end of the Event so you can maximize your leaderboard position — the choice is up to you.

All legacy VIP players will have Energy Potions in their inventory for every day they’ve collected VIP bonuses. Energy Potions are also available for purchase in the Store.

The PvP arenas will remain available to play without requiring Energy and will continue to give Crowns to all arena participants upon completion.

What we want to encourage with the new Energy System is for players to challenge themselves by playing at the highest level dungeon they can at all times. Players shouldn’t get to the top of the leaderboards by grinding out easier dungeons that could be completed quickly. Likewise, players shouldn’t have to feel obligated to play continuously for hours on end in order to be competitive. Player skill and intelligent deck building should be the key to victory!

As always, we’re looking to improve upon the game and make tweaks as appropriate. We feel that adding the Energy requirement for dungeons will ultimately be better for the health of the game without being overbearing. I hope you continue to enjoy the world of Eternal Fate. Feel free to leave comments on the Eternal Fate community page.