With our time on Earth coming to an end, reaching to the stars has become the most important mission in human history; take control of the worlds most powerful rockets and pave the way for our survival.

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Your mission has begun! Humanity must reach past our own solar system or all is lost. Take control of the worlds most powerful rockets, overcome perilous challenges, reach space, and leave the solar system to save mankind!



Blast off!

Slip the surly bonds of Earth and take control of over 1.2 million pounds of thrust.

Rocket Science

Successful missions yield powerful rewards. Decide which systems are mission critical and upgrade your rockets.

Share you flights

Use the REPLAY system to share your successful (or failed!) missions with the world!

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Interstellar Testflight uses the latest 3D WebGL technology. Play in any browser without plug-ins!

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Interstellar Test Flight

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