Outlaw Space is DONE!

Ok! Just under the wire we wrapped it up!

OutlawSpace Combat

Downloads here:
Version 1.1: Windows build | Mac build | Linux build
Version 1.0 (submission build, some bugs) : Win 1.0 | Mac 1.0 | Linux 1.0

Click here for credits and attributions.

Expect a more details final post summarizing the last few days! It’s been a rollercoaster!

UPDATE: Here is a link to our official post about the game on 7DRL.org

2nd UPDATE!: New builds are in! These builds add no new features, just bugfixes to the original submission. The links above have been updated to reflect the bugfixed builds. If you want to still download the original submission builds (bugs included.)

Controls: WASD(or arrow keys) + SPACE + ESC +I for inventory

There are a few bugs in the game, if you get stuck in a screen press ESC and it will often fix the problem. Collect all your ship parts, get back to the ship, and win!