A unique rogue like game built by Team Escalation for the 2015 7 Day rogue Like Jam

Outlaw Space Update!

Outlaw Space Update!

Play with all 4 classes!

Outlaw Space version 1.2 is here with a new playable Web Build!

Downloads here:
Version 1.2: Windows build | Mac build | Linux build
Web Build: Play here.

Lots of minor bugfixes in this version along with a couple of new features that we intended to initially ship with the game.

  • Combat is now much faster in terms of User Experience. No more SPACEBAR fest!
  • You now start with a random crew member after the ship crashes and only 1 person in your party. Find the rest of the crew before the bots close in.
  • All 4 classes are playable in the overworld! Medic, Sniper, Captain, and Gunner.
  • Various bugfixes
Outlaw Space DONE!

Outlaw Space DONE!

Outlaw Space is DONE!

Ok! Just under the wire we wrapped it up!

OutlawSpace Combat

Downloads here:
Version 1.1: Windows build | Mac build | Linux build
Version 1.0 (submission build, some bugs) : Win 1.0 | Mac 1.0 | Linux 1.0

Click here for credits and attributions.

Expect a more details final post summarizing the last few days! It’s been a rollercoaster!

UPDATE: Here is a link to our official post about the game on 7DRL.org

2nd UPDATE!: New builds are in! These builds add no new features, just bugfixes to the original submission. The links above have been updated to reflect the bugfixed builds. If you want to still download the original submission builds (bugs included.)

Controls: WASD(or arrow keys) + SPACE + ESC +I for inventory

There are a few bugs in the game, if you get stuck in a screen press ESC and it will often fix the problem. Collect all your ship parts, get back to the ship, and win!

Outlaw Space Day 4 video!

Outlaw Space Day 4 video!

Just thought I’d post a quick video showing some of the progress from yesterday. Will update with a Day 5 progress report later today.

Outlaw Space Day 4

Outlaw Space Day 4

Rogue Temple forum post: http://forums.roguetemple.com/index.php?topic=4528.0

Also a link to the 7DRL.org post: here

Current Status 3/12/15

Coming Together

Things are really coming together with the game. Code, art and design have been putting in some long hours to get things done and it shows.

Updated Inventory

The inventory system has gone through a revision and now is more user friendly. The updated inventory has functionality for highlighting the rarity of an item. Cool!


Map Generation

Random map generation has made good progress. The idea behind the map generation is that there are 17 different screen layouts. For our purposes, a screen layout would be something like a T-junction, a dead end, a + intersection etc. The player will start at a common start screen and the procedural system will piece together a number of screens to create a map.

At the moment, the system is functional, although there are still some edge cases and pathing/navigatio issues that need to be addressed.

We haven’t nailed down just how big a map will be, but the system can generate a map upwards of 40,000 screens if we want. (not recommended) 🙂 We’ll hopefully start playtesting tomorrow so we should be able to get a good feel for how big a map should be here shortly. The below images show the map system spitting out a small map and a massive one.

A lot of talk about whether we’ll have a world map, and if so, how it works.



Random Weapon System

The game will utilize a random weapon system so that there will be tons of unique weapon drops in the game, with each weapon having different stats. The design for how to generate the stats.. and names for the weapons is complete and the code has been implemented. We are yet unsure if we’ll have time to do visual changes, though we hope to.

Battle Screen Update

A number of improvements to the Battle Scree including front/back targeting, keyboard inputs, animated damage indicators, AOE damage, healing and even some basic AI.

Some cool stuff coming out from the art team including the player start screen, good progress on the map screens, some item effects and the start of some player animations.



As always, come back tomorrow for another update.


Outlaw Space Day 3

Outlaw Space Day 3

Rogue Temple Forum post: http://forums.roguetemple.com/index.php?topic=4528.0

Also a link to the 7DRL.org post: here

apologies for the quick follow-up post.  Getting Caught up with progress over the last 24hrs. Good progress on both code and art.

Inventory System

The game’s inventory system and screen has been engineered. The player will have a single inventory with limited slots. The player can select items and equip them with a party member. While not at a store, there will also be an option to drop items. For now at least, dropped items will be gone forever.

(Oh, and for what it’s worth, the UI system in Unity 5 gets a big thumbs up from the engineering team.)


Battle Screen

For simplicity sake, we’ve narrowed the game down to two “modes”. The player will either be moving his character on what we call the “Adventure Screens” or be doing combat in what we are calling a “Battle Screen.”

Work on the Battle Screen is progressing well. The Battle Screens will  play out like a classic Final Fantasy style, turn-based combat sequence.  The first pass at this portion of the game is complete and we’re currently playtesting it. We’ve got a good pass on the Battle Screen UI, target selection and attack selection.



On the art side, the team has created some robot baddies that you’ll battle. We’ve begun experimenting with character animations as well as continued work on various background and Battle Screens. We even added treasure chests and vending machines! Go Loot!



Check back tomorrow for further updates and be sure to visit our forum post to leave feedback and/or communicate with us.

Outlaw Space Day 1&2

Outlaw Space Day 1&2

Getting caught up on blog posts. I’ll keep this post shorter so as to not push everyone’s post  down too far. For a deeper look at what Outlaw Space is, please check out the forum post located here:


Also a link to the 7DRL.org post: here

Status as of 3/10/15

Art Direction

We had always known that if we ever actually worked on Outlaw Space that it was going to be visually unique. Our art director envisioned combining  hand painted backgrounds with pixel art characters to create a style that felt handmade, crafted and nostalgic. To prove this out, he had one of our concept artists do a digital painting that was built with layers so that it could potentially parallax in game.


The characters in the game will be pixel art.



A lot of work on the first day went into trying to create a design that both demonstrated some of the mechanics we wanted to include in Outlaw Space and were ultimately achievable in a week.

Code Progress

The team outlined a number of core systems that could be worked on simultaneously by multiple people. The following are currently being worked on and updates will be provided as they come online.

  • Map Generation
  • Battle Screen
  • Navigation/movement
  • Inventory

I’ll be uploading a new post later today with the progress from the last 24hrs.