The wait is over! We’re thrilled to announce the release of our new game, Herobound: Gladiators, for the Samsung Gear VR. This project was incredible to work on, and we hope everyone will check it out. Now, the details you’ve been waiting for:

cover_square_transparent2The World of Herobound is at peace… but the thirst for battle remains! Join up with 3 other players and battle hordes of enemies in Herobound Gladiators!

Fight through 16 different arenas in 4 different environments in the struggle to determine the fiercest Hero in the world. Test your skills against over 30 enemies and 4 unique bosses from the Herobound universe. Increase your skills by unlocking new combat abilities and powerful Spirit Powers – amazing abilities that can instantly turn the tide of battle!

Show off your Hero’s unique personality by dressing one of the 6 playable characters in one of the over 30 unlockable hats and swords.

Join up and dominate with your friends or meet new ones every time you play. Defeat enemies and raise your ranks to become the mightiest in the land – the Spirit Gladiator!

  • A full VR social RPG experience: battle enemies, chat friends old and new and raise your character to amazing heights!
  • Forge friendships in battle with up to 3 other players from around the world
  • Real-time voice chat in-game allows players to talk strategy (or talk smack!)
  • Fight against scores of different monsters, each with their own unique powers and abilities!
  • Topple 4 terrifying bosses from the world of Herobound!
  • Battle monsters using three powerful weapons from the Herobound Universe:
    • The Sword, a traditional close combat weapon with several unique combos
    • The Bow, a ranged attack aimed by simply looking at enemies
    • The Hammer, a slow but incredibly powerful weapon capable of attacking any foes nearby
  • Fight back-to-back with allies or bring them back from the brink with a helping hand!
  • Utilize the powers of the 5 Spirits to turn the tides of battle!
    • Freeze your enemies in place with the Spirit of Water!
    • Refresh and revive your allies with the Spirit of Life!
    • Burn your enemies to cinder with the Spirit of Fire!
    • Control a powerful tornado through the Spirit of Air!
    • Become an indestructible force using the Spirit of Earth!
  • Build your character through battle! Collect gems to unlock a plethora of cosmetic items for your character, including:
    • Over 20 Unique Customizations
    • 10 Powerful Swords
    • 6 Different Characters
    • 5 Additional Combat Abilities
  • Classic Herobound gameplay with several features new to the Herobound universe, including:
    • 4 new enemies
    • 15 original stages
    • 5 new weapons
    • 5 powerful Spirit Powers
    • Resuscitate and revive allies
    • 20 original (and crazy) hats
    • 5 new characters
  • Compatible with all current GearVR-compatible devices, including the Galaxy Note4/5, Galaxy S6/S7 and the Galaxy S6/S7 Edge.