Escalation Studios
Based out of Dallas, TX

Release Date:

App Store: September 19, 2014
Google Play: December 17, 2014


iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phone, Android Tablet


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Free to Play with IAP ($4.99 – $99.99)


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Eternal Fate


Escalation Studios’ Eternal Fate is a cross-platform, free-to-play 3D massively-multiplayer action RPG.  Collect heroes, build your team, and play in real time with your friends.  Weekly events bring a new set of dungeons, heroes, and enemies to the foray.  Compete with other guilds to become the highest ranked Eternal Fate player in the world!


Eternal Fate is Escalation Studios’ largest independent project to date. Originally started in 2010, Eternal Fate has gone through many revisions, building upon itself with the goal of creating a fun, simple game you can play with your friends.



  • Real time multiplayer cooperative dungeons
  • Join other players for realtime PvP battles in Team Deathmatch and Capture the Chicken gameplay modes
  • Join a guild and chat with people from around the world
  • Hundreds of heroes to collect and evolve
  • Weekly individual leaderboards
  • Hundreds of dungeons to battle in, dozens of enemy types to overcome

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“Fans of this genre should definitely check it out”
-Michael Black, PocketMeta

About Escalation Studios

Based in Dallas, TX, Escalation Studios is a top tier independent game developer. Founded in 2007 and staffed by a proven team of industry veterans, Escalation is focused on raising the bar with every title and trailblazing with new intellectual properties across multiple platforms.

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