Yesterday looked a lot like Christmas – in Hell – thanks to the official streaming of DOOM SnapMap features and details by Bethesda (starting at 00:12:49 mark). Numerous (like bazillions) of gamers checked out the Twitch event, and a ton of impression videos and recaps blew up YouTube. Yep, that was Tom Mustaine, CEO of Escalation Studios, on the stream.


We loved seeing all the SnapMap goodies and reading comments. Below is a teeny tiny, itty bitty collection of some YouTube posts for you to check out:

Doom – SnapMap Level Creator (Bethesda Livestream Recording) by GameplayOnly

PULLED APART BY DEMONS – Doom 2016 SnapMap by jackfrags

DOOM 2016 PREVIEW [2v2] – Schni Schna SnapMap by Gronkh (Germany)

Doom Gameplay: 5 Most Impressive Levels Built In Doom’s Minecraft-like SnapMap Editor by outsidexbox

DOOM 2016 SNAPMAP – Map Editor by YOGSCAST Hannah

DOOM 2016 SNAPMAP – Map Creation by YOGSCAST Hannah

Lekker BOUWEN met SnapMap! DOOM by TheKing77nl (Netherlands)

DOOM 2016 Snap Map Gameplay & Big Explosions! by Arekkz Gaming

DOOM 2016 – WHAT IS SNAPMAP ??? (Doom Snapmap Gameplay) by GameRiot