SnapMap fans get a treat today. Bethesda released DOOM Update #2 today, and there’s a lot of map-making goodness included. Take a look at the features here or one the official Steam page:


Community HUB Improvements

  • Added Find Open Match, a public match browser displaying all available public lobbies
  • Added a Recently Played Maps list
  • Added ability to Subscribe to maps and browse them from the new Subscribed Maps list
  • Improved the Map Browser with additional sorting options
  • Added new unlockable images for customizing published maps (11 new backgrounds, 10 new mode icons, 20 new miscellaneous images)
  • Added icons on the Map Browser to identify Cloud/Local maps

Editor Functionality Improvements

  • Added God Mode and Infinite Ammo as testing settings for map authors
  • Added Movement Speed settings in the editor

Content Additions

  • Added a customizable Weapon Wheel that allows the player to hold any number of weapons
  • Added 30 new Hell themed Modules including indoor and outdoor environments
    Increased the number of weapons available by adding the Pistol, the Chainsaw and the Static


  • Added Skull Keys, and Hell Barrel
  • Added The Unwilling to the available AI
  • Added the Mancubus as a selectable Player Demon
  • Added new Interactables including the Gore Nest, Hell Tablet, and Tripod Panel, a customizable touch screen panel
  • Added weapon-specific ammo to Pickups and AI drop tables
  • Added all new Hell Props including a giant demon skull, altars, cauldrons and more
  • Added construction props such stone blocks, rocks, columns, and arches for customizing

Hell environments

  • Added Launch Pads with logic to control distance, speed, direction, and destination
  • Added new FX to accompany the Launch Pads
  • Added new Demonic and Origin Hell Voice Speakers
  • Updated Speakers to include new instrument sounds
  • Added a Switch object which triggers only one output based on a specified index
  • Added a Custom Event object which triggers all instances of an event when any instance of it is signaled
  • Added three new Filters including Equipment, Weapon, and Cached Entity Filters

Improvements to Logic and Object Functionality

  • Weapons now have a property that allows players to pick up weapons when touched
  • AI have two new properties to Set Stagger Percentage, and Enable/Disable Stagger
  • Players now have the On Health Percentage Reached output
  • New style properties have been added to Light objects to create light FX such as blinking, strobe, rotating, and more
  • Props and Player Blocking Volumes now have a Static property that will return their
  • Network budget value, but will disable all inputs (show, hide, etc) during a match
  • Updated the Inventory entity to manage multiple weapons
  • Updated Player Loadout object to include Demon Player race selection
  • The AI Conductor behavior can now be altered when entering a module
  • AI spawning can be inhibited in a module through logic
  • Module Environments can be changed during a match with logic
  • Friendly AI health bars and POIs can be hidden or shown
  • Hazard damage can be set to a Variable
  • Color properties are now shown in a color swatch
  • A large health bar is now available as an Objective
  • Use Alternative AI Drop Table that simulates Campaign drops from demon kills


  • Fixed the Spend input to result in a Spend Failure if it causes a Player/Team Resource to fall below zero
  • Fixed Player Demon hand jittering
  • Fixed the Network cost of Lights. This may result in previous maps having a maxed network budget. Map authors may need to remove other networked objects or use the Static property on Props or Player Blocking Volumes that aren’t altered using logic.